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Historic Gardens launches 2015 Calendar

A picture tells a thousand words… and in the case of Annapolis Royal’s Historic Gardens that is particularly true. The Gardens are incredibly photogenic, and the Historic Gardens Society has taken advantage of that fact in the publication of an annual calendar.

“With tens of thousands of photographs on hand, the annual selection of calendar shots is quite an exercise” says Gardens Manager Trish Fry, who also doubles as The Garden Shutterbug. “And from early reaction to the 2015 calendar, it appears that we’ve made all the right choices!”

With 12 seasonal shots of the Gardens, the 2015 calendar, entitled “A Garden for All Seasons”, is available through the Gardens Shop and at the Annapolis Royal Winter Farmers Market. All funds raised through the sale of these calendars will help in the continued maintenance and development of the Gardens.

Historic Gardens calendars may be purchased at the Historic Gardens during office hours, and at the Annapolis Royal Winter Farmer’s Market. Call 532-7018 or visit www.historicgardens.com.