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Gardens are a beehive of activity, compliments of Mother Nature. And with the addition of some great programming, there is an almost endless list of ways you can enjoy the Gardens. Check out our top 101 of them!
  1. STOP and Smell the Roses!
  2. LOOK for Mr. Frog hiding in the pond
  3. LISTEN to the birds singing
  4. SMILE at the antics of the resident squirrels and chipmunks
  5. REST on a bench in the warm summer shade
  6. DAYDREAM as the warm sun caresses your skin
  7. SEE how the roses love the raindrops
  8. TOUCH the whispy feathered tassels of grass blowing in the breeze
  9. SMELL the pine in the forest
  10. LISTEN to the water trickling under the bridge
  11. IMAGINE ladies in beautiful frocks and umbrellas strolling through the Victorian Garden
    in days gone by.
  12. FEEL that first snowflake touch your nose
  13. LISTEN to the silence
  14. SEE the colors popping through the sparkling snow
  15. CAPTURE a photo of mother deer and her spotted baby
  16. HEAR the snow crunch
  17. TOSS a penny into the fountain
  18. DROP a leaf into the water then watch it sail merrily away downstream.
  19. PINCH your nose when the Skunk Flower (Cleome) is in bloom.
  20. ADD TO your 'now I've seen it' list
  21. STAND among the magnolias and take in the incredibly sweet scent.
  22. LAY on your belly and shoot the May Apples blossoms under their canopy of leaves.
  23. GET up close and personal with the Japanese Tree Lilac and its sweet aroma in the courtyard.
  24. FIND where that smell of vanilla is emanating from in the Victorian Garden
    (could it be the heliotrope?)
  25. NAVIGATE through the Gardens using a GPS.
  26. BEND OVER to smell each rose.
  27. ADMIRE the architecture of the laburnum arbour.
  28. VISIT Adam and Eve in the Garden of Annapolis
  29. LOOK waaaaay up at the Kalopanax and see flower clusters and huge thorns on its trunk.
  30. CONTEMPLATE the Gooseneck Loosestrife and determine which direction you think it is heading.
  31. CHECK OUT the wacky looking 'Bali' tomato
  32. CELEBRATE Mother Nature's artwork.
  33. ADMIRE the annuals blaze of color
  34. PUZZLE OVER the PawPaw Tree
  35. CONSIDER how the bees are harvesting nectar from the Caribbean rose
  36. EXPAND your horizons
  37. ASK questions
  38. RESIST the urge to pick a bouquet
  39. DON'T RESIST the urge to hum to yourself.
  40. GLIMPSE into the past
  41. EXPLORE the Acadian dykes
  42. EMPATHIZE with Acadian women who had to raise children in such a small house.
  43. MARVEL at bountiful harvests grown in Acadian gardens.
  44. SEARCH for things 'out of the ordinary' such as the diamond bark of the Korean Mountain Ash.
  45. POINT your camera upwards while standing under a Magnolia and snap a picture against the blue sky.
  46. CELEBRATE in your heart all the colors, shapes, sizes and aromas.
  47. SKETCH a drawing
  48. PAINT a picture
  49. READ a book
  50. EAT a snack
  51. BROWSE in the Gardens Shop
  52. JOIN a personal tour
  53. REST for awhile
  54. PLANT a wacky container
  55. REGISTER for a workshop
  56. EXPLORE the heather collection
  57. TAKE ideas home with you for your own garden
  58. APPRECIATE the sound of music floating lightly throughout the gardens
  59. MEET new and interesting people
  60. LEARN about the area
  61. BE AMAZED by the shimmering wings of a dragonfly
  62. LEARN new ways to garden from the Innovative Garden.
  63. LOOK at pictures from the Garden's beginnings.
  64. ADMIRE metal sculptures by a local artist.
  65. HAVE FUN doing a scavenger hunt with the kids.
  66. PARTICIPATE in a guided tour.
  67. FEEL the wind through your hair on the dykes.
  68. WATCH birds fly from tree to tree.
  69. GAIN knowledge regarding plant names.
  70. WALK AND TALK with your partner.
  71. CONNECT with nature.
  72. LOSE track of time.
  73. BREATHE in the fresh clean air.
  74. SOAK UP the sun's rays as it shines through the trees
  75. WELCOME the friendly little chipmunk looking for a treat.
  76. PRUNE the roses with the Rose Lady.
  77. RAKE the paths with the Gardeners.
  78. CHECK OUT the giant leaves of the Pawlonia Tree.
  79. EXAMINE the agate in the Shop.
  80. SWING WIDE around the bees nest.
  81. TREAD SOFTLY by the deer and fawn on the marsh.
  82. SHIVER as the north wind blows up a gale.
  83. MARVEL at all the hues of heather.
  84. FOLLOW your shadow across the marsh.
  85. LEAD the way through the pine forest.
  86. INHALE the sweet smell of the Katsura in autumn.
  87. LEARN something new at one of the workshops.
  88. SIT BACK and listen to the sounds of music.
  89. TRY one of the delicious specialty coffees from the café .
  90. PICK UP some tips from the gardeners.
  91. SEARCH OUT the funky feature of the week.
  92. SAMPLE some local wines during one of the outdoor evening wine and cheese soirees at the Gardens.
  93. INTRODUCE YOURSELF to staff and volunteers. They love to chat!
  94. PURCHASE a Season Pass - then you can visit every day!
  95. SIGN UP for the weekly Bloom Report - then you will know when your favourites are blossoming.
  96. TAKE NOTES of your adventures and tell your friends back home.
  97. SIGN the guest book.
  98. COMMENT on your visit in a Visitor Survey.
  99. WATCH OUT for falling acorns!
  100. PUT UP your umbrella. It'll protect against rain and sun.
  101. FILE all your beautiful memories away for days of remembering whenever.