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Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens – Celebrating A Community Vision in Bloom

Canada’s Garden of the Year will be holding some special events during Annapolis Royal’s Natal Day Weekend to celebrate the recent naming of the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens as Canada’s 2015 Garden of the Year and to honour all those who have contributed their time and talents to creating this masterpiece.

Historic Gardens Manager Trish Fry notes that the Gardens’ recent success is thanks to a cast of thousands, and almost 40 years of planning, development, care and support. “Since the Gardens’ inception, many people have worked very hard to bring the Historic Gardens to a world class level and continue to maintain such a high standard. This award recognizes horticultural excellence, programming, leadership, and really all aspects of how the Historic Gardens delivers a high quality garden experience to visitors. Many, many people deserve credit for this recent award, and we want to celebrate with them.”

The Gardens were developed as a community initiative through the Annapolis Royal Development Commission, and have remained in community hands by way of a not-for-profit organization. Historic Gardens Chair John Mildon aptly describes the Historic Gardens as “A community vision in bloom”. He credits the success as “the result of a tremendous cumulative effort by numerous members, supporters, volunteers, employees and contractors… as well as the hundreds of thousands of visitors who have visited the Gardens over the years”.

In recognition of this widespread contribution to the Gardens’ success, the current Board & Staff of the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens are inviting all those who ever played a role to visit, or re-visit, the paradise they helped to create, any time during Natal Day Weekend. Fry notes “Natal Day Weekend is an annual homecoming of sorts, so it seems an appropriate time for an impromptu reunion at the Gardens. We’d love to have lots of faces from the past visit the Gardens this weekend and see for themselves what their work as resulted in. We also want to reminisce with you, and hear your stories – in many case from days long ago when these Gardens were nothing more than ink on paper, or ten acres of bulldozers and topsoil.”

All weekend long (August 1-3), anyone who self-identifies as part of the Gardens’ past – as staff, volunteer, contractor, advisor, board, supporter – and provides a memory or story from that time will be offered free admission for them and their family. Gardens staff will be capturing these stories in writing and/or by video, to begin assembling a collection of archival information about the Gardens beginnings and the first 35 years. There will be several guided tours throughout the weekend, for those who would like to learn more about how things have changed and developed over the years, and some special photo displays to provide visible reminders of how the Gardens have grown.

Everyone is also invited to attend an informal “coffee break” reunion at the Gardens on Sunday, August 2, between 10:30am and 12:30pm. This social gathering will provide an opportunity to connect and reconnect with others from the past and present, in some cases after many years, and to celebrate the Gardens’ success together.

For further information and details, visit the Historic Gardens website at www.historicgardens.com and check out all the archival photos on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HistoricGardens.


Trish Fry, Manager
Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens
(902) 532-7018 // Cell: 902-532-8690